SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training

SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training

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Course Overview:

SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training – Hands-on

The SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training is a comprehensive overview and detailed explanation of Solarwinds® modules for the “Advanced Server” track. The SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training class is led by a seasoned engineer with experience working on hundreds of unique Solarwinds® environments for companies of all sizes.

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Audience / Target Group:

The target audience for this SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training course:

» Administrators
» Networking team

What You Will Learn:

Upon completing this SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training course, learners will be able to meet these objectives:

» Students would highly benefit from a basic understanding of the Transact-SQL and PowerShell languages, but not required.

SolarWinds Orion 202: Advanced Server Training – Course Syllabus:

Day 1: Server and Application Monitor

• Orion Architecture Best Practices
• Primary Polling Engine
• Additional Polling Engines
• Additional Web Engines
• SQL Server
• Discovery of Applications in the Enterprise
• AppInsight Templates vs. Standard Templates
• AppInsight for IIS and AppInsight for SQL applied
• Custom Script Component Monitors
• Hands-On creating custom PowerShell script monitors
• Baselining and Thresholds for Application Alerts

Day 2: Database Performance Analyzer; Website Performance Monitor

• Installation and Initial Configuration of DPA
• Integration of DPA with Orion and SAM
• Overview of DPA Capabilities
• Monitoring Waits and Blocks
• Alerting and Reporting from the DPA Web Console
• Installation and Configuration of WPM
• Overview of WPM Capabilities
• User-Experience Monitoring Theories
• Creating WPM transactions
• Alerting and Reporting with WPM data

Day 3: Virtualization Manager; Storage Resource Monitor; AppStack View; Application Maps

• Installation and initial Configuration of VMAN
• Integration of VMAN with Orion
• VMAN Management, Alerting, and Reporting from the Orion platform
• Installation and Configuration of SRM
• Alerting and Reporting with SRM data
• Using Network Atlas to create hybrid application maps for the enterprise
• SolarWinds AppStack view overview

Day 4: Custom SQL Alerts and Reports
• Introduction to the Transact-SQL language and basic queries
• Introduction to the Orion SQL Database schema
• Custom SQL Reporting using both the Web Report Engine and the Orion Report Writer application
• Custom SQL Alerts using the Web Alert Engine

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