Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Training v1.0 (ENCWE)

Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Training v1.0 (ENCWE)

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Course Overview:

Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Training v1.0 (ENCWE) – Hands-on

The IWAN Boot Camp presents concepts, routing platforms, technologies, and services that are required for a comprehensive approach to effectively design, manage, and control a Cisco Intelligent Wide Area Network.

This Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Training v1.0 (ENCWE) course leads you from discovery of the existing network and current issues, planning, and design to day-to-day operations. The course is supported by an expansive infrastructure, including ISR-AX and ASR-AX routers, WAAS modules, Applications Visibility and Control functionality, Performance Based Routing, and security features including DMVPN, TrustSec, and Zone Based Firewalls, in addition to Cloud Connectors and network management tools. You will learn how the Cisco Intelligent WAN supports a transport independent solution, in conjunction with direct Internet access that allows for the ability of the customer to add cloud based applications, BYOD devices, high bandwidth applications such as video, as well as guest access at the branch while providing the customer with a great return on investment. You will get a hands on experience with the power of the Intelligent WAN, and explore all the latest features that support a next generation branch routing experience. Enterprise Networks Core and WAN Essentials exam: 500-452

Audience / Target Group:

The target audience for this Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Training v1.0 (ENCWE) course:

● Pre-Sales Engineers at Cisco Partner organizations

Class Prerequisites

This Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Training v1.0 (ENCWE) course assumes that you have, minimally, a Cisco Certified Network Entry Technician (CCENT) certificate or equivalent work experience.

● Interconnecting Cisco Network Devices Part 1 (ICND1)
Learners are expected to have the following base knowledge and skills:
● IP addressing
● Basic WAN routing knowledge
● Basic server knowledge (VMware, Citrix, Hyper-V)

What You Will Learn:

Upon completing this Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Training v1.0 (ENCWE) course, learners will be able to meet these objectives:

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to articulate the value of Cisco Intelligent WAN solution including its technology pillars as well as use case scenarios and best practices. Objectives include:

● Recognize current Cisco Enterprise IP – WAN technologies and the role of managed WANs
● Describe technical overview of Intelligent WAN (IWAN) solution architecture, benefits and key components as well as its management
● Demonstrate and implement the features that comprise an IWAN deployment, including IWAN deployment in relation to Cisco Prime Infrastructure, implementing Transport ● ● Independent Design, Implementing Intelligent Path Control with PfR, leveraging Application Visibility and Control (AVC) for application visibility, adding Hierarchical ● Quality of Service (HQoS) for application control, and IPv6 considerations
● Implement and demonstrate the features of Cisco WAAS
● Implement and demonstrate the ability to secure WAN connectivity from the branch
● Implement and demonstrate the features of UCS-E with vWAAS, present the value proposition of Cloud Connectors as well as new Cisco – Akamai Solution
● Explain the main objectives of IWAN solution objectives, positioning, architecture, differentiators and use cases

Enterprise Network Core and WAN Essentials Training v1.0 (ENCWE) – Course Syllabus:

Module 1: Enterprise IP – WAN Technologies

Enterprise WAN Architectures

Module 2: Intelligent WAN (IWAN) Technical Overview

Transport Independent Design
Intelligent Path Control
Application Performance Optimization
Secure Connectivity
IWAN Management

Module 3: IWAN Deployment

Implementing Transport Independent Design
Implementing Intelligent Path Control with Performance Routing (PfR)
Deploying AVC for Application Visibility
Adding Hierarchical Quality of Service (HQoS)
Planning for IPv6
Utilizing Cisco Prime Infrastructure Plug and Play

Module 4: Optimizing Applications with WAAS

WAAS Deployment Models
Implementing WAAS
Redirection Methods
Application Optimization – Using WAAS

Module 5: IWAN Secure Connectivity

Secure Connectivity Overview
Securing the WAN Transport
Secure Direct Internet Access
Full Services Direct Internet Access
Direct Internet Access Use Case Scenarios
Cisco Trustsec in Branch
Secure Connectivity – IWAN Customer Scenario

Module 6: Implementing UCS-E and Cloud Connectors

Cisco Cloud Connectors
Third-Party Cloud Connectors
Cisco – Akamai Solutions
Cisco AX bundles


Discovering Enterprise IP – WAN Topology
Transport Independent Design using DMVPN
Application Optimization – Application Visibility
Application Optimization – QoS Control
Intelligent Path Control – Using PfR
WAAS Deployment and Management

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