CompTIA Server+ Certification Training

CompTIA Server+ Certification Training

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Course Overview:

CompTIA Server+ Certification Training – Hands-On

In this CompTIA Server+ Certification Training, you will install, configure, upgrade, maintain, and troubleshoot servers. You will also examine the server hardware and software, server IT environment, disaster recovery concepts, and learn information and skills that will be helpful on the job.

CompTIA Server+ certification is a standard of competency for mid- to upper-level technicians responsible for server hardware functionality. The Server+ certification credential validates advanced-level technical competency of server issues and technology, including installation, configuration, upgrading, maintenance, troubleshooting and disaster recovery. This certification is geared toward mid- to upper-level technicians.

The CompTIA Server+ certification exam is targeted at IT professionals, network support technicians, and server hardware specialists having 18-24 months of experience in the information technology industry and hands-on experience with the installation, configuration, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of PC hardware.

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Audience / Target Group:

The target audience for this CompTIA Server+ Certification Training course:

● This course is designed for IT professionals such as PC, desktop, and help desk technicians who have experience supporting PC hardware who wish to make the transition to become server hardware and support specialists. This course is also designed for existing server managers who are preparing to take the CompTIA Server+ Exam SK0-004.

Class Prerequisites:

The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this CompTIA Server+ Certification Training course are as follows:

● Students taking this class or preparing for the Server+ Exam SK0-004 should have 18 to 24 months of hands-on experience with the installation, configuration, diagnosis, and troubleshooting of PC hardware and network operating system issues. It is recommended that they also hold the CompTIA A+ certification.

What You Will Learn:

Upon completing this CompTIA Server+ Certification Training course, learners will be able to meet these objectives:

● Examine server fundamentals.
● Identify the hardware components of a server.
● Describe the features of server software.
● Examine the various types of storage systems used in servers.
● Install hardware components on a server.
● Configure servers.
● Examine the issues in upgrading server components.
● Identify some of the industry’s best practices for deploying a server and the various strategies of securing, accessing, and remotely managing the server hardware.
● Troubleshoot servers.
● Describe disaster recovery concepts and techniques.

CompTIA Server+ Certification Training – Course Syllabus:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Servers
Examine the Network Architecture
Identify Common Server Types and Functions

Lesson 2: Exploring the Server Hardware
Identify Server System Board Components
Explore System Processing Core
Explore Server Memory
Examine Server Cooling and Power Systems

Lesson 3: Introduction to Server Software
Describe Server Software
NOS Management Features
NOS Security Features
Network Essentials for Servers

Lesson 4: Exploring the Server Storage System
Examine Storage Devices Used for Servers
Explore IDE and SCSI
Describe RAID
Explore NAS Implementations
Explore SAN Implementations

Lesson 5: Installing the Server Hardware
Identify the Best Practices in Server Hardware Installation
Install Hardware Components on a Server
Verify Server Installation
Install a Server in a Network Environment

Lesson 6: Configuring Servers
NOS Installation and Verification
Install System Monitoring Agents and Service Tools
Server Configuration Documentation

Lesson 7: Examining the Issues in Upgrading Server Components
Examine an Upgrade Checklist
Examine the Issues in Upgrading Server Hardware
Examine the Issues in Upgrading Server Software

Lesson 8: Examining Servers in an IT Environment
Industry Best Practices for Server Installation and Maintenance
Server Security and Access Methods

Lesson 9: Troubleshooting Servers
Examine the Troubleshooting Theory and Methodologies
Troubleshoot Server Hardware Problems
Troubleshoot Server Software Problems
Troubleshoot Server Network Problems
Troubleshoot Server Storage Device Problems

Lesson 10: Exploring Disaster Recovery Concepts and Methodologies
Examine Disaster Recovery Plans
Implement Disaster Recovery Methodologies
Implement Replication Methods

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