Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE)

Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE)

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Course Overview:

Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) – Hands-on

Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) course presents Cisco’s SD Access solution. You will learn the concepts, components, implementation, migration and design principles of deploying this solution. As well, business justification and the benefits of the SD Access solution are discussed.

Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) leads you into detailed coverage of the SD Access Fabric, its components and implementation as well as supported architectures and migration paths. The course also introduces the new Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches and outlines the new features, including ETA. You will also learn about integrating wireless architectures with SD Access and discuss best practice designs and migrations.

The Cisco SD Access solution is centered around DNA Center and as such, the Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) course will cover this solution. You will learn about NDP, APIC-EM, ISE and StealthWatch integration as well as Assurance and Analytics.

Audience / Target Group:

The target audience for this Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) course:

• Cisco Customers, Sales Engineers, Enterprise Customers, Field Engineers

Class Prerequisites:

The knowledge and skills that a learner must have before attending this Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) course are as follows:

• Should have familiarity with Cisco EN portfolio and some knowledge of Cisco DNA.

Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) – Objectives:

Upon completing this Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) course, learners will be able to meet these objectives:

• Be able to describe the need and benefits of the Cisco SD Access solution
• Be able to define the SD Access solution components, platforms and roles
• Be able to describe and configure a Fabric
• Be able to describe a migration path for a Layer 2 and Layer 3 access topology
• Be able to describe the functions and integrations of Cisco’s DNA Center
• Be able to design, implement and migrate to an SD Access wireless topology
• Be able to describe security principles and implementations in an SD Access solution, including ETA, Network as a Sensor and Network as an Enforcer
• Be able to describe and implement the new Cisco Catalyst 9000 series switches
• Be able to describe the new licensing models

Cisco SDA Essentials Training (SDACE) – Course Syllabus:

Module 1 – The New Era of Networking

Unprecedented demands on the network
Trends fuelling the digital network
The need for a new network
Current status of networking
Digital Readiness
Benefits of progression
The Cisco DNA Journey

Module 2 – SD Access Overview

SD Access overview
Challenges to traditional networking
New requirements of the digital age
The need for SD Access
The SD Access solution
Comparison with SDN
SD Access Concepts
Fabric roles and terminology
Control-plane nodes
Edge nodes
Border nodes
Fabric-enabled WLC
Constructs – virtual network, scalable group, host pool, anycast GW, overlays
Fabric fundamentals
Overlays and underlays
Control plane – LISP
Data plane – VXLAN
Policy plane – Cisco TrustSec
Controller fundamentals
ISE and DNA Center Integration
Cisco pxGrid
NDP and DNA Center
Fabric border and external connectivity
Migration to SD Access

Module 3 – Cisco DNA Center

Current challenges in network management
Introducing Cisco DNA Center
DNA Center Design
DNA Center Provision
DNA Center Policy
DNA Center Assurance
Current challenges in network changes
IP Address Management
Managing Software Image Compliance
DNA Analytics and Assurance
Introducing NDP
Controller interaction
Deployment model

Module 4 – SD Access Wireless

Control plane
Data plane
Comparison with CUWN
DNA Center integration
Design Principles
Adoption considerations

Module 5 – Security

Current challenges
Introducing StealthWatch
Cisco TrustSec

Module 6 – Catalyst 9000 Switches

New features
Security challenges
IoT challenges
9300, 9400 and 9500 series overview

Module 7 – Licensing

Cisco ONE subscription
Simplified packaging

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