ILT-ILO-EST-Reston-Online – Cloud Security Training Fundamentals Bootcamp – 05/16-17/19



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Time Frame: 09:00 AM - 17:00 PM
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Start date: 2019-05-16
End date: 2019-05-17


Cloud Security Training Fundamentals Bootcamp Course Hands-on

Our goal with Cloud Security Training Fundamentals Bootcamp is to arm security teams with the knowledge they need to assess risks in moving to the cloud. Managers, auditors, and systems and network administrators will also benefit, as we will delve into the technologies available for securing cloud-based assets while covering all the policies, processes and compliance considerations that go along with this major technology shift.

Fundamentally, the cloud represents a move into environments where security teams are giving up some measure of control over how data and applications are protected. Due to capital and operational cost savings issues, cloud-based services are becoming more attractive to business and organization leaders, and security teams will need to understand their options when presenting the risks to management.

Cloud Security Training Fundamentals Bootcamp – Objectives:

Upon completing this Cloud Security Training Fundamentals Bootcamp course, learners will be able to meet these objectives:

• Build a risk-based assessment program for cloud providers’ controls
• Understand the key areas to focus on in cloud contracts
• Evaluate the various layers of cloud infrastructure
• Develop a cloud disaster recovery and business continuity plan
• Perform vulnerability assessments in a cloud environment
• Integrate encryption and identity management services in a cloud environment
• Improve your incident response and monitoring capabilities in the cloud

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