ILO-EST-Online – VMware vSphere on NetApp Training – 09/23-27/19


NetApp Training Units 60 NTU

 VMware vSphere on NetApp Training

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Location: ONLINE
Delivery Format: Virtual Training
Time Frame: 08:30 AM - 17:00 PM
Online Delivery: EASTERN TIME ZONE
Start date: 2019-09-23
End date: 2019-09-27


VMware vSphere on NetApp Training (VVNA) Course with Hands-on labs

This hands-on 5-day VMware vSphere on NetApp Training (VVNA) class with hands on labs immerses you into the virtual machine management and storage operations spanning NetApp Data ONTAP, VMware ESXi with vCenter management. You will get a hands-on experience using the vCenter NetApp plug-in, the Virtual Storage Console (VSC), configuring and monitoring the VMware host settings, performing backups, restoration, and virtual machine cloning operations.

Registration closes for all classes 2 weeks prior to the start date.

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