Law Enforcement Crime Analysis


Successfully combat crime with these new investigative approaches and flexible IT solutions.

As law enforcement organizations strive to address society’s challenges they face a variety of problems that differ in their severity and impact. With the opening up of borders and the formation of multi-cultural societies, the ability to integrate and share information has become an integral part of the investigative process. Similarly, the ever-present threat of terrorism impacts on the law enforcement environment continually, requiring agencies to hold, analyze and disseminate information from around the globe.

Issues such as drugs pose very different problems. Their addictive nature provides a constant source of income for those importing and supplying, as well as an unyielding financial demand for those consuming. The supply networks must be identified and the individuals brought to justice, while those whose lives are being destroyed by addiction need to be identified and helped.

Repeat offenders continue to be responsible for high proportions of criminal activity, such as theft, burglary, drug offences and vehicle crime. Law enforcement agencies need to identify the offenders quickly and effectively to minimize their impact on society.

i2 products are continually being enhanced to offer comprehensive solutions with the flexibility required to address challenges in the following areas:

  • Counter terrorism
  • Fusion Centers
  • Major investigations
  • Volume crime
  • Public order/ Major event management
  • Organized crime
  • Neighborhood/community policing

COPLINK – Accelerating Law Enforcement:

Analyst’s Notebook

Uncover hidden connections, patterns and relationships faster from high volumes of all-source data. Eno offers an integrated suite of products specifically designed to bring clarity to complex investigations and scenarios. Our products enable analysts and investigators to uncover connections, patterns and relationships hidden within volume data. From simple to complex environments, i2 products are flexible, scalable, secure and easy to deploy and support.

Fusion Center

Create intelligence. Share information. Defeat crime and terrorism. Our Fusion Center solution is the world’s most powerful, efficient, and reliable suite of tools for acquiring and analyzing data and sharing intelligence. In addition, our technology and support services, included with our Fusion Center solution will help you get the results you’re after quickly so you can focus on investigating, predicting, disrupting, and defeating crime and terrorism


Generate faster leads by sharing vital crime information with scalable information architecture. Adaptive Analytic Architecture (A3) allows information sharing initiatives to scale across multiple jurisdictions regionally, statewide and nationally, by connecting to other COPLINK nodes, as well as other systems such as the ONEDOJ.


Effectively monitor suspicious activity with integrated analysis. Activity Correlation Technology (ACT) is designed to aid Law Enforcement in monitoring suspicious activities around specified critical infrastructure such as nuclear power plants, water treatment facilities, schools and hospitals in multiple buffer zones.

Active Agent

Increase effectiveness through automated notification and collaboration. Active Agent streamlines investigations by automating repetitive or periodic queries based on user defined parameters. Investigators are then instantly notified when new information is available within COPLINK.


Monitor and manage the COPLINK system. The Admin program, along with Detect, make up the Base component of the COPLINK Product Line, designed for use by the system administrator to perform all routine tasks associated with local maintenance of the COPLINK Product Line.

Admin allows the system administrator to adjust security protocols, add or delete users and user groups, add or remove user and group access permissions, add or remove user suspensions, reset user passwords, perform audits, and maintain the system look-up tables.

CompStat Analyzer

Maximize resources and performance through visual crime trend analysis. CompStat Analyzer is a crime trend analysis and decision support solution that helps law enforcement visually understand the big picture of what criminal activity is occuring in jurisdictions and how an agency is responding over time. More Info


Effectively monitor and manage real time dispatch data with a customizable and dynamic interface. Dashboard is a management and notification module that migrates real time data streams, such as Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) into a configureable interface. Dashboard provides advanced features such as alert and geographic tools as well as multiple simultaneous views of a particular region. More Info


Enhance analysis by integrating disparate data sources. The Detect program, along with Admin, make up the Base component of the COPLINK Product Line, designed to instantly reveal associations among different persons, organizations, locations, vehicles, firearms, property, security, phones, events, documents, and pawn records across multiple jurisdictions.

Face Match

Putting a name to a face. Face Match is photo recognition software in which users input a probe image and receive back a list of images considered to be a close match in appearance. Users can further refine results by entering additional information, such as name, demographics, tattoos, etc.

Incident Analyzer

Thwart crime and terrorism with temporal and spatial analysis of criminal activity. Incident Analyzer is a powerful tool that helps law enforcement reveal and instantly respond to criminal patterns based on known investigative facts. The ability to visually demonstrate a specific criminal pattern based on factual relationships among incidents, people, locations or other objects helps law enforcement effectively deploy resources.

Intel L.E.A.D.

Manage criminal investigative information. Intel L.E.A.D. is a data analysis module for entry and management of criminal intelligence information.


Stay up to date on investigations while in the field. Mobile, in conjunction with the Admin and Detect modules, provides simplified query capability for use on limited bandwidth devices such as PDA’s, smart phones, laptops, and mobile data terminals.


Simplify complex investigations by visualizing links between people, places and objects. Visualizer graphically presents the results of an associations query revealing relationships and associations up to eight levels deep among people, places and things. This is particularly useful in complex investigations involving multiple suspects.

Analysis Search

Access more data, faster with AnalysisReady™ Search. Analysis Search provides analysts with the fastest access to vital crime data held in COPLINK nodes right from within Analyst’s Notebook. By leveraging AnalysisReady Search™ technology, analysts are able to simultaneously and comprehensively search COPLINK nodes and other data sources.

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