InfoWorkspace IWS Training


InfoWorkSpace – Basic User Course

Course Length: 3 days


Users working directly with InfoWorkSpace Clients, LaunchPad, and the Portal/Web Browser should attend the Basic Users Course.

Course Description:

This course is essential to ensure full employment of the LaunchPad and/or InfoWorkSpace Client relative to each student’s environment. It will provide the qualifications and certification to individuals responsible for interacting with the InfoWorkSpace product on both a user and basic administration level. This course develops the student’s knowledge with an overview of the functionality of the InfoWorkSpace suite of products by means of lecture and practical exercises. In doing so, it allows for basic familiarization of the LaunchPad and InfoWorkSpace Clients and the Portal/Browser to enable the student to understand how to incorporate InfoWorkSpace into their own organizational environment. Classes provide the experience for hands-on detail and individual instruction. This workshop environment will enhance the student’s comprehension and understanding of InfoWorkSpace immeasurably.


Practical application and familiarity of functionality is the goal. Upon completion, the student will be familiar with the tools in InfoWorkSpace and will be able to use these tools to accomplish some of their daily tasks. There are three specific training guides that are reviewed in various details during the course duration:

  • InfoWorkSpace Client Installation Guide
  • InfoWorkSpace User’s Guide
  • InfoWorkSpace LaunchPad User’s Guide


  • Introduction to InfoWorkSpace
  • Review of Manuals and Equipment Setup
  • InfoWorkSpace Client Installation (to include LaunchPad and PlaceWare Plugins)
  • Logging onto the InfoWorkSpace Application Client
  • Menu Bar Orientation – User Preferences, Audio Setup
  • Toolbar/Marquee Orientation – Active Users, Site Navigation, Events, Briefcase
  • Control Panel Orientation – Places, People, Documents, Search, Sidebar Rooms, Download, Manuals, Home
  • Introduction to Conference Center (Presenter Console, Audience Console)
  • Room Orientation – Text Chat, Bulletin Board, Filing Cabinet, Discussions, Whiteboard, Text Tool, Shared View, Voting Tool, Room Log, Lock Room
  • Review of InfoWorkSpace Client Patches
  • Webcam Installation and Video Orientation
  • InfoWorkSpace Browser Plugin Installation
  • Introduction to the InfoWorkSpace Portal/Browser Client
  • Introduction to LaunchPad
  • Reviews, Exercises, Questions, and Discussions

InfoWorkSpace – Basic Administration Course

Course Length: 5 days


  • Fundamental (basic) understanding of Windows®/Solaris™ platforms
  • Familiarization with computer terminology


For system engineers, system installers, system administrators, valued added resellers, and/or support technicians responsible for administering, managing, using and/or supporting the InfoWorkSpace server.

Course Description:

This course is essential for attendees to obtain the specific technical knowledge required for administering InfoWorkSpace Servers. Upon course completion, the student should be equipped with the overall comprehension of the essential administration requirements necessary for full utilization of InfoWorkSpace. Instructors work directly with students in a primarily hands-on practical administration environment. Instructional manuals are reviewed to facilitate complete comprehension for students of all levels of experience and understanding. The instructor monitors the daily progress of each individual with continual feedback to ensure comprehension. Each student, upon completion of all the administration exercises and discussions, will be able to successfully administer InfoWorkSpace on both the Solaris™ and Windows™ server platforms. Successful completion results in the student being officially recognized as an InfoWorkSpace Certified Administrator.


Provide the essential knowledge, training, and experience necessary for successful administration and implementation of Ezenia!’s InfoWorkSpace. An introduction of client functions will be conducted. Provide the student with a working knowledge of the administration process on both the Microsoft® Windows™ and Sun® Solaris™ server platforms. There are two specific training guides that are reviewed in various details during the course duration.

  • InfoWorkSpace Administrators Guide
  • InfoWorkSpace Server Installation Guide


  • Introduction of InfoWorkSpace and the Basic Administration Course Summary Outline
  • Review of Manuals and Equipment Setup
  • InfoWorkSpace General Administration Functions
  • InfoWorkSpace Document Administration Functions
  • InfoWorkSpace Advanced Administration Functions
  • Discussion of other InfoWorkSpace Patches and Utilities
  • InfoWorkSpace Client Installation
  • InfoWorkSpace User Overview as Required for Connectivity from the Client to the Server
  • InfoWorkSpace Troubleshooting Assistance
  • Review of Handouts, Website Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs), Technical Bulletins, Utilities, Documentation and Technical Support
  • InfoWorkSpace Review and Questions

InfoWorkspace IWS Training

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