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Course Name: Q1 Labs - Introduction to QRadar Training
Deployment Options: Onsite - Instructor-Led Training
Course Duration: 3-4 days depending on audience background and options
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Introduction to QRadar
The class is designed for Security/Network Administrators who have at least working knowledge of networking and network security and are using QRadar to mange their network and security programs.
A basic understanding of computers and networking is all that is required.
Customize it:
This 3-4-day Introduction to QRadar course will be customized to your needs and specifications. Eno.com will assist you in identifying those needs and specifications. A word to the wise, there are many vendors of IT security training. They will typically have a broad and general course, one size fits all, already developed and just put your organization?s name on the title slide. This minimizes their effort and time investment. At Eno.com, every course is made to your exact and exacting specifications. We help you ensure what you are getting is what you really need even if at the beginning you weren't too sure of what that was. We fit the class to your needs. We never fit you into our standard, one size fits all, class. Please call or e-mail to schedule a no-obligation conference call to help us understand your audience background and training objectives.

After successfully completing this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand QRadarís technology and the various problems it solves
  • Understand how to configure QRadar to fit your requirements
  • Understand how to configure QRadar to meet individual requirements
  • Understand how to monitor specific information quickly within the QRadar interface
  • Navigating the QRadar interface
  • Understanding and using the Events interface
  • Understanding and using the Flows interface
  • Using Advanced event and flow filters
  • Assets and Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network Surveillance
  • Understanding Sentries
  • Understanding and Using the Offenses interface
  • Working Offenses
  • Working with QRadarís Rules
  • Tuning QRadar
  • QRadar Reports
Course Outline and Labs Taught
Other Expertise:

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