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Microsoft Excel 2000 (Beg, Int, and Adv.)
Audience Details:  
Familiarity with any of the Windows user environments
Anyone wishing to become familiar with Microsoft Excel 2000 at more than a basic level; students wishing to become MOUS certified at Expert or Master level
To provide an introduction to the core concepts of Microsoft Excel 2000. To equip students with the knowledge and skills required to accomplish common Excel 2000 tasks efficiently, to prepare students for certification as Proficient Users of Excel 2000 and to bring proficient users of Excel 2000 to an advanced level of competence
After learning this courses you should be able to:
  Create a new spreadsheet.
Enter and edit data in a worksheet.
Edit and format cells, rows, and columns.
Format numbers and apply styles.
Create, save, preview, and print a workbook.
Create and use formulas.
Use basic and advanced functions.
Create and modify worksheets.
Check a workbook for spelling errors.
Modify page and print settings.
Create, format, and modify charts and objects.
Print a chart.
Create and apply a template.
Share, merge, and print workbooks.
Add protection to a workbook.
Collaborate with workgroups.
Audit a worksheet.
Format numbers and ranges.
Use the Lookup function.
Hands on pratice - Simulations
Course Structure: Unit Titles and Topics Covered
  Getting started
Starting Excel
Entering and changing data
Hands-on: Manipulating data
Hands-on: Deleting and clearing cells
Copying and moving data
Hands-on: Moving data
Cells, rows, and columns
Hands-on: Modifying cells
Working with styles and text
Hands-on: Applying font styles
Formatting numbers
Hands-on: Applying number formats
Creating and saving workbooks
Hands-on: Opening and saving a workbook
Previewing and printing workbooks
Hyperlinks and e-mail
Creating formulas
Hands-on: Entering a formula
Hands-on: Revising a formula
Automatic features
Manipulating worksheets
Using worksheets
Hands-on: Working with worksheets
Rows and columns
Hands-on: Working with rows and columns
Preparing for publishing
Hands-on: Checking spelling and publishing
Page setting and printing
Page settings
Hands-on: Manipulating page setup
Print settings
Hands-on: Printing a selection
Entering functions
Hands-on: Using basic functions
Finance and time functions
Hands-on: Using advanced functions
3-D references
Charts and objects
Hands-on: Modifying and printing a
Hands-on: Working with objects
Advanced editing
Using templates
Hands-on: Using templates to create workbooks
Using comments
Hands-on: Creating and editing a comment
Sharing and merging workbooks
Printing workbooks
Hands-on: Working with toolbars
Security and auditing
Protecting worksheets
Hands-on: Applying and removing protection
Protecting workbooks
Workgroup collaboration
Hands-on: Applying protection to workbooks
Hands-on: Tracking changes
Auditing a worksheet
Hands-on: Tracing precedents and dependents
Numbers and ranges
umber formats

Hands-on: Formatting numbers
amed ranges
Hands-on: Working with named ranges
Lookup functions
Hands-on: Using Lookup functions
Macros and multiple workbooks
Recording and running macros
Hands-on: Recording a macro
Hands-on: Running a macro
Multiple workbooks
Hands-on: Using multiple workbooks
Sharing data
Importing data from text files
Hands-on: Importing from text files
Importing data from applications
Hands-on: Importing from other applications
Importing an HTML file
Hands-on: Importing from HTML
Exporting data
Displaying and formatting data
Conditional formats
Hands-on: Using grouping and outlines
Sorting data
Hands-on: Performing a sort

Forms and subtotaling
Data filters and validation
Hands-on: Applying data filters
Querying databases
Analyzing data
Hands-on: Formatting PivotTables
PivotTables and the Web
Hands-on: Creating PivotTables for the Web
PivotChart reports
Goal Seek and Solver
Hands-on: Using Solver
Curriculum Info:  
Microsoft Curriculum
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