3g Training Overview


3g Training Overview Course by ENO

This 3g Training Overview course seeks to provides insight into the development 3G LTE and 4G, the next generation of mobile networks.

3G LTE, which stands for 3G Long Term Evolution, is being standardized by 3GPP and 3GPP2 and is often described as ?3.9G?. It is a technology that will enable cellular networks to support up to 10 times higher data rate and more users than existing HSxPA networks. It will employ OFDM and MIMO technologies which will allow mobile operators to offer true ?quad play? services, i.e., voice, high-speed, IPTV and full mobility. 3G LTE is designed to provide a simple evolutionary path for UMTS operators as they migrate from UMTS to HSDPA to HSUPA and then onto 3G LTE, also called HSOPA.

4G is the successor to the wireless access technologies of the 3G era. To cater to the QoS and data rate requirements of the forthcoming applications such as Hig